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assignments rel - Recommendations for All Papers Most...

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Unformatted text preview: Recommendations for All Papers Most students who have earned grades lower than B focused on describing the theme and their opinions or feelings about the theme. Since these assignments are seeking evidence of analytical and reflective thought, mere description does not receive as high a grade as those who demonstrate that they can interpret the documents, compare, distinguish and contrast these with other theories about social, political and economic structure, discuss, extend, and apply Catholic social theory, and examine analyze and raise your own critical and probative questions in relation to the theory and practices implied by this theory. Therefore, the focus of these paper should not be on your personal opinions or impressions about the theme or issue of Catholic Social thought. The paper should attempt to explore the Catholic social thought through one or more analytical tasks. These sorts of task might include: Comparison: Your could compare a theme or an approach to an issue to some other related ideas or practices like, for instance, an ethical theory from another religion or philosophy. Another analytical task would be to break down a theme or practice into its basic definitional components to grasp more deeply what is meant by that specific aspect of Catholic social theory. Application is another fruitful approach. You could define and then apply a theme in a particular situation(s) to help flesh out its practical importance. Comparing and contrasting the definition that one author uses for a theme or issue against the way another approaches the topic is another way you can approach an assignment in this class. Another analytical task is to develop a definition of a theme or an approach to an issue by examining how the various documents we are studying in class use the term in different contexts. There are many other ways to approach these assignments, but this might help you get started along the right path. Theme Paper You will produce a paper consisting of at least three pages (2 1/2 does not equal three pages), which explores a theoretical theme of Catholic social theory. The papers will be typed in double space, 1.25" margins and 12 pt Times New Roman font. This papers should define, describe and illustrate a theme of Catholic social theory. The themes are: Option for the Poor, Common Good, Human Dignity, Subsidiarity, Economic Justice, Rights and Responsibilities, Stewardship of Creation, Participation, Solidarity, and Peace. • In this paper, you should avoid trying to define and describe all the themes of Catholic social theory. You should forcus on a single theme or compare one to another....
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assignments rel - Recommendations for All Papers Most...

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