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syllabus religion

syllabus religion - REL 283/CTH 247 Catholic Social Thought...

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REL 283/CTH 247 Catholic Social Thought in Context Winter 2010 Dr. Thomas O'Brien TTH 10:10-11:40AM Classroom: Lewis 1104 Office: Room 1639 Lewis, or 2327 North Racine Ave. #203 Mailbox: 2331 North Racine Ave. Office Hours: TTH 12:00-1:30PM (or other times by appointment) Phone: 773-325-1283 E-mail: [email protected] Required Textbooks Essential Catholic Social Thought. Bernard V. Brady. ISBN: 978-1-57075-756-3. Course Description A study of Roman Catholicism's understanding of its relation to the social world, including such matters as the relation between Church and State, the moral authority of the Church, and of its teaching on such issues as social ethics, politics and economics. The course will examine certain recurring themes in Catholic social thought and evaluate their adequacy as they are applied to various real life circumstances. It will also explore issues addressed by Catholic social thought, comparing and contrasting this perspective with other ways of understanding the social world. Finally, the course will analyze the papal documents of Catholic social thought in their historical, social, political and economic contexts in order to better understand their purpose and inspiration. Course Objectives 1. Students will be able to identify and define the fundamental concepts of Catholic social thought. (REL #1 & #4) 2. Students will interpret the material well enough to begin to engage in critical discussion on the concepts and practices that flow out of Catholic social teaching and ministry. (REL #5) 3. Students will analyze these teachings and compare them to other ways of conceiving their social, political and economic worlds. (REL #4 & 6 & 8) 4. Students will use the documents of Catholic social thought and other resources in order to be able to organize and present their own thoughts and to engage in dialogue with others. (REL #10) 5. Students will be able to demonstrate ways in which Catholic social teaching can be applied today in their context. (REL #6 & 8) Expectations 1) Class Participation: All students will be graded on the quantity and quality of their informed contributions to class discussions. Absence, mute note taking, or uninformed chatter will not reflect well on the final grade. Reading the assignments and coming to class prepared are essential. This course has been designed with the expectation and requirement that you will spend at least six hours per week outside of class preparing readings and assignments. Being in college is hard work, but hopefully it is work you enjoy doing, and take pride in doing well. You owe it to yourself, to others in the class, and to the integrity of the learning process to approach your academic work with sufficient seriousness. The last few weeks of the course will be dominated by in-class discussion of ethical cases. Participation is worth 20% of your final grade.
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syllabus religion - REL 283/CTH 247 Catholic Social Thought...

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