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LSP 200: P HILOSOPHICAL A PPROACHES TO M ULTICULTURALISM Instructor: Robin Weiss Office Hours: 1:30-2:30 Tues. and Thurs., and by appointment (in Lewis 1658 or the adjoining offices) Email: (but if you can, please talk to me in person instead) A liberal modern democracy like the one in which we all live is considered the best for allowing different people to all pursue happiness and self-fulfillment side by side, no matter their differences. A society like ours is meant to allow each person to coexist alongside others and to allow this to occur with a minimum of conflict, oppression, social strife, or disharmony. The United States, and Western democracies like it, remain paradigmatic examples of how such a feat is to be accomplished, and they set a high standard for the developing nations now increasingly torn apart by racial, ethnic, and religious conflict. Yet European countries find it increasingly difficult to manage their own multi-ethnic societies, and the United States is a country that arguably owes its very existence to the genocide of native populations, the enslavement of Africans, and the exploitation of immigrant laborers. Today, it is a country in which our liberal democratic institutions fail to address many social ills, and where many unanswered questions remain about just how many different groups can populate the same nation. Tue. Mar. 30 Introductory Class Thu. Apr. 1 Origins , The Political Emancipation of the Bourgeoisie, pp.123-157 Tue. Apr. 6 Origins , Race-Thinking Before Racism, pp.158-184 Thu. Apr. 8 Origins , Race and Bureaucracy, pp.185-221 Tue. Apr. 13 Origins , Continental Imperialism: The Pan-Movements, pp.222-266 Thu. Apr. 15 Origins , The Decline of the Nation State and Rights of Man, pp.267-302 Tue. Apr. 20 The Public and Its Problems , pp.3-36 Thu. Apr. 22 The Public and Its Problems, pp.37-74 Tue. Apr. 27 The Public and Its Problems, pp.75-110 Thu. Apr. 29 The Public and Its Problems, pp.110-142 Tue. May 4 The Public and Its Problems , pp.143-184 R EADING Q UESTIONS D UE Thu. May 6 Are Prisons Obsolete ?, Chapter 1, pp.9-21 Tue. May 11 Are Prisons Obsolete?, Chapter 2, pp.22-39 Thu. May 13 Are Prisons Obsolete?, Chapters 3 and 4, pp.40-83 Tue. May 18 Are Prisons Obsolete ?, Chapters 5 and 6, pp.84-115 Thu. May 20 The Second Sex , Introduction, pp.xix-xxxvi Tue. May 25 The Second Sex , Chapter I, pp.3-37 Thu. May 27 The Second Sex , Chapters II-V pp.53-81 Tue. Jun. 1 The Second Sex , Chapters XXI-XXII, pp.597-641 Thu. Jun. 3 Last Day of Class Fri. Jun. 11 All R EADING Q UESTIONS D UE Required Texts: Arendt, Hannah. The Origins of Totalitarianism
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Mulitculturalism_Syllabus2 - LSP 200: PHILOSOPHICAL...

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