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Asthmatic Respiration

Asthmatic Respiration - event during a specified period of...

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Expectoration: forceful coughing Cyanosis: bluing of the skin due to lack of oxygen Hypoxia: lack of oxygen Respiratory acidosis: a cidosis resulting from reduced gas exchange in the lungs (as in emphysema or pneumonia); excess carbon dioxide combines with water to form carbonic acid which increases the acidity of the blood Hypoventilation: low breathing rate, shallow breathing Prevalence: t otal number of persons in a given population with a disease or other health-related
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Unformatted text preview: event during a specified period of time, usually expressed as a percentage • Incidence: measurement of the number of new individuals who develop a condition during a particular period of time • Direct expenditures: direct transfers of money, such as grants, or goods and services, such as donation of government surpluses. • Etiology: the cause of a disease • Pathogenesis: the origination and development of a disease...
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