Balance Concepts of the Kidney

Balance Concepts of the Kidney - o Average daily volume of...

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Balance Concepts: the total amounts of a substance ingested and produced must equal the total amounts excreted and consumed (arterial output = venous output + urine output) Four sites water is lost to the external environment: skin, lungs, GI tract, and kidneys [“sensible” vs. “insensible” loss] Except for K+ and urea, almost everything is reabsorbed into the blood after filtering Under normal condition, no net change of body water [water loss = water gain] Two primary processes for maintaining water balance o Voluntary intake (thirst) o Urinary loss: the kidneys remove water and solutes from blood plasma to form urine Some nephrological data in man:
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Unformatted text preview: o Average daily volume of fluid filtered into Bowman’s capsule in man: 180 liters per day o Total volume of plasma: 3 liters o The number of times that the entire plasma volume is filtered by the kidneys: 60 times per day o Average excreted urine volume: 1.5 liters o Percentage of volume escaped from the body as urine: 0.8% o Percentage of volume of filtered fluid reabsorbed into the peritubular capillaries: 99.2% o These data indicate: Ability to process a huge volume of plasma and excrete large quantities of waste products Precise regulation of the consitutents of the internal environment...
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Balance Concepts of the Kidney - o Average daily volume of...

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