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Cell Components - o Ribosome: uses information encoded in...

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Organelles: membrane-bound bits of the cell o Nucleus: separates DNA from cytosol, separates transcription from translation Transcription: copying DNA into RNA, in the nucleus Translation: using RNA as a template for making protein, in the cytoplasm Nuclear envelope: two layers of membrane, not one Nuclear pores: allow transport in and out of the nuclear membrane Nucleolus: organelle within the nucleus, where rRNA is o Smooth endoplasmic reticulum: Responsible for most fat synthesis, Ca 2+ ion storage, detoxification; network of interconnected closed membrane tubules and vesicles , synthesis of lipids and steroids, and "packaging" of secretory proteins o Rough endoplasmic reticulum : responsible for membrane protein synthesis, extracellular protein synthesis; flattened sacks rather than tubules, studded with ribosomes, secretory or membrane proteins start here
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Unformatted text preview: o Ribosome: uses information encoded in RNA to synthesize protein, two subunits, free, and bound to RER o Golgi complex: modifies and sorts most ER products, series of flattened compartments & vesicles, each contains different set of modifying enzymes, proteins progress from one compartment to the next getting modified along the way o Lysosome: responsible for degrading material internalized from the extracellular environment and certain cell components , pH of lumen 2245 5, acid hydrolases carry out degradation reactions o Mitochondrion: site of ATP production via aerobic metabolism, oxidation of fats, outer and inner membrane, cristae (the folded bits), Matrix (the filling), has it’s own chromosome and ribosomes o Cytoskeleton: portion of the cell enclosed by the plasma membrane but not part of any organelle (see ALS section)...
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