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Inflammation - fractions and amino acids by a process known...

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o Inflammation: ( minutes to hours) events surrounding the recruitment and arrival of immune cells (neutrophils arrive first within a few minutes, followed by monocytes and lymphocytes within hour) Neutrophils and monocytes: first responders (neutrophils), kill and eat garbage and bacteria, produce proteinases to degrade ECM and release growth factors, generate reactive oxygen species against microorganisms, phagocytose cell debris, make more growth factors and cytokines, which initiate the proliferative phase Proteinases: enzyme that catalyzes the splitting of proteins into smaller peptide
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Unformatted text preview: fractions and amino acids by a process known as proteolysis • Reactive oxygen species: reactive molecules that contain the oxygen atom. They are very small molecules that include oxygen ions and peroxides and can be either inorganic or organic. They are highly reactive due to the presence of unpaired valence shell electrons • Phagocytose: cell eat! • Cytokines: any of various protein molecules secreted by cells of the immune system that serve to regulate the immune system...
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