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o Nephron: functional unit of the kidney The nephron is a functional unit (1.2 million in each kidney) of the kidney where urine is formed Consists of (1) glomerulus and (2) renal tubule: proximal end forms a double walled “cup” known as the “glomerular capsule” or “Bowman’s capsule.” Glomerular capsule and glomerulus together are called “renal corpuscle,” where glomerular filtration occurs Two types: Juxtamedullary nephrons: glomerulus close to the corticomedullary junction; a portion of descending/ascending tubules penetrates deeply into medulla (a minor type, 1/7 of the total) Cortical nephrons: glomerulur in outer cortical zone; a portion of descending
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Unformatted text preview: and ascending tubules does not penetrate deeply (a major type, 6/7 of the total) o Tubular Components of the Nephron Bowman’s capsule: pressure of the blood in glomerulus causes fluid to filter into this capsule. Filtered fluid then flows into the proximal (convoluted) tubule (PT) in the cortex and then passes into the loop of Henle • Each loop is divided into the descending limb (thin) of the loop of Henle and the ascending (thick and thin) of the loop of Henle The thick segment of the loop of Henle ascends all the way back to the glomerulus of origin, forming juxtaglomerular complex (or...
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