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Article Summaries: Normalizing Deviance – Henry Petroski Blowout preventer failure on Deepwater Horizon World’s most largest oil spill evar 11 killed; ~90 day leak Also involved: Transocean (owner of the oil rig) and Halliburton (oil field services company) Claimed failure rate four orders of magnitude different than true failure rate Breach in engineering ethics The Bioethics of Stem Cell Research and Therapy – Insoo Hyun Issues – derivation and use for research hES cells – human embryonic stem cells iPS cells – induced pluripotent stem cells Standards have been set by the International Society for Stem Cell Research Therapy (Regenerate/Replace): o Autologous o Allogeneic Models of Disease o Understand basic mechanisms of disease o Test bed for drugs Korean Scandal Will Have Global Fallout – Kevin James
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Unformatted text preview: • Woo Suk Hwang fabricated data involving stem cell research • Requested eggs from female interns/employees • Gerald Schatten – discredited as a result; senior author, no work performed • May discredit stem cell research as a whole What Have We Learnt from Vioxx? – Harlan Krumholz • Merck withholds information regarding cardiovascular problems associated with Vioxx • Academic ghostwriters (names tacked on to make a paper look more legit) • Falsified data • FDA issued recall Maker of Heart Device Kept Flaw from Doctors – Barry Meier • Guidant corporation produces defibrillators • Withheld information from physicians • Notified FDA 10 months after problem was discovered • FDA issued recall...
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