Major Ascending Sensory Pathways

Major Ascending - Dorsal column – medial lemniscus Modalities Pain thermal crude touch Tactile proprioception(of arm only Location in spinal cord

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Major Ascending Sensory (Afferent) Pathways The Dorsal Column – Medial Lemniscal (DCML) System: fine touch, vibration, proprioceptive information; tactile sensation and limb proprioception (mechanoreceptive sensations only); rapid transmission of the afferent signals Anterolateral System: major sensory pathway for pain and temperature sensations, slow transmission of afferent signals Spinothalamic tract: fast pain; spinal cord Spinoreticular tract: slow pain, medulla Spinotectal tract: slow pain, midbrain Lateral pathway: pain, temperature, crude touch Anterior pathway: light touch, pressure Anterolateral
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Unformatted text preview: Dorsal column – medial lemniscus Modalities Pain, thermal, crude touch Tactile, proprioception (of arm only) Location in spinal cord Anterolateral column Dorsal column Level of decussation Spinal cord Medulla Brain stem terminations Brain stem reticular formation, midbrain tectal region, ventral posterior nuclear group of thalamus, intralaminar nuclei Ventral posterior lateral nucleus and posterior nuclear group of thalamus Cortical terminations Primary and secondary somatic sensory cortices and posterior parietal cortex Primary and secondary somatic sensory cortices and posterior parietal cortex...
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