Pyramidal System

Pyramidal System - Majority continue to the spinal cord via...

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Pyramidal System Carries a large portion of the voluntary motor output from the cerebral cortex Consists of cortical neurons whose axons descend through the medullary pyramids o Lateral corticospinal tracts: largest part of the corticospinal tract, controls movement of ipsilateral limbs, as it lies distal to the pyramidal decussation o Ventral (anterior) corticospinal tracts: conduct voluntary motor impulses from the precentral gyrus to the motor centers of the cord
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Unformatted text preview: Majority continue to the spinal cord via corticospinal tractsSome terminate in the brain stem reticular formation One pathway includes a minimum of three cells: pyramidal tract neuron in cortex, anterior horn motoneuron and muscle cell; acts on muscles of hands, face, and feet for delicate movement Other pathways consist of remaining fibers acting on inhibitory and excitatory interneurons to mediate gross motor activity...
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