Spinal cord anatomy

Spinal cord anatomy - Anterior (ventral) column: mixed...

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Spinal cord anatomy Spinal nerves: Dorsal roots: somatic sensory neurons Ventral roots: somatic motor neurons Dorsal root ganglia (spinal ganglia): general somatic sensation Gray matter: Posterior (dorsal) horns: sensory nuclei Anterior (ventral) horns: motor nuclei White matter: Posterior (dorsal) column: exclusively sensory Lateral column: mixed sensory and motor
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Unformatted text preview: Anterior (ventral) column: mixed sensory and motor Meninges: Dura mater: outermost layer, thickest Arachnoid: middle layer, subarachnoid, CSF flows Pia mater: inner layer, direct contact with CSF, brain tissue Major ascending tracts: lateral spinothalamic, anterior spinothalamic...
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