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Amino acids

Amino acids - Amino acids sequence determines structure...

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Amino acids: sequence determines structure, structure determines function; if the pH is lowered, amino acids protonate and the protein becomes more positive overall; if the pH is raised, amino acids de-protonate, and the protein becomes more negative overall (higher pH = more positive charge) o Protonate: addition of a proton (H+) to an atom, molecule, or ion o Primary structure: amino acid sequence o Secondary structure: local folding; local folding driven by hydrogen bonds Hydrogen bonds: attraction between an electronegative atom in one molecule, and a hydrogen bound to an electronegative atom in another; involves some sharing of electrons Covalent bonds: result from sharing of electrons, include peptide and disulfide bonds Disulfide bonds: S-S bond between two nearby cysteines, which remain reduced in reducing environments like the cytoplasm; form readily in oxidizing environments, like the extracellular space or interior of many organelles Alpha helix: 3.6 residues per turn
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