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Capsaicin is a crystalline alkaloid found in peppers. The presence of this chemical is what causes the characteristic spiciness of hot peppers. The process of the removal of capsaicin from the actual pepper was discovered in 1816 by scientist P.A. Bucholtz (DeWitt 1). Although no one had coined the term, nor discovered the chemical composition of the compound, Bucholtz found that the “pungent principle of peppers could be extracted from the macerated pods with organic solvents”. In other words, he
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Unformatted text preview: realized that the substance which caused the burning sensation now dubbed “spiciness” could be removed from the pepper itself through the use of various chemical reactions. It was not until 1930 that it was made synthetically by E. Spath and F.S. Darling. Its chemical formula is now known to be C 18 H 27 NO 3 . This fiery compound is currently being studied as a possible type of painkiller applied directly to open wounds....
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