Leprosy - classified by severity o Lepromas: devoid of...

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Leprosy (Hansen’s disease): chronic granulomatous disease affecting the skin and nerves caused by Mycobacterium leprae; anesthesia, anhidrosis (lack of sweat), weakness, paralysis, and muscle atrophy, ocular complications, injury, ulceration, infection of deformed parts, deterioration of fingertips and toes following bone resorption; infection is common in developing nations, but only 1% of the infected will develop the disease; >200000-600000 globally, ~100 in the USA; four subtypes
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Unformatted text preview: classified by severity o Lepromas: devoid of sensation o Mycobacterium leprae: obligate (cannot survive in oxygen, must live in another cell) intracellular pathogen, is phagocytosed by macrophages, but evades the lysosome, has a penchant for invading Schwann cells (myelinating cells of the peripheral nerves) leading to their destruction...
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