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Team-Maker Functional Requirements as of 2/11/2006 Overview Emulate the functionality of Richard Layton’s “TeamMaker” software to help faculty to generate team assignments. The intent is to “reverse engineer” the critical functionality from this software and re-implement it into the existing CATME interface. To avoid confusion with the standard CATME peer evaluation surveys, we shall refer to TeamMaker-like surveys using the term “census” instead of survey. 1. Faculty Interface 1. Modify the main faculty home page to include an “Add/Manage Census” action button in the upper right corner of the screen. Clicking this button takes the user into the top-level census management interface (this interface is also accessible from the “class editor” page as described below) 2. The top-level census management page will display currently available census templates and allow the users to create new templates, either using an existing template as a starting point or by creating a new template from scratch. This interface will also allow the user to modify existing templates. 2.1. The action buttons in the upper-right corner of the page should be “Add New Template” and “Return to <page> ” where <page> is either “Main Page” or “Class Editor” depending on how the census management interface was reached (i.e., the button is context-sensitive) 2.2. The page should display a table showing template names and a list of the questions and question types in each template 2.3. The template names in this table should be hyperlinks that take the user to the “template editor” page (described below) 2.4. To the right of each table entry should be a checkbox and in the lower right corner below the table should be two action buttons “Delete Selected” and “Clone Selected” 2.5. “Delete Selected” irrevocably destroys any currently checked templates 2.6. “Clone Selected” creates a new template that combines all of the questions from any currently checked templates into a new template and takes the user to the “template editor” page for the new, combined template 2.6.1. The default name of the new template will be “New Template <n> ”, where <n> is incremented as necessary to make a unique template name 2.6.2. If several surveys are selected when the “Clone” button is pressed, the default question order in the combined template will be created by appending the question lists from each original template after one another in whatever 1
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Team-Maker Functional Requirements as of 2/11/2006 order the source templates were originally created (the template editor allows for re-ordering, so this is not a huge issue) 3. The “template editor” page allows the user to modify template names, add new questions, re-order questions, and edit existing questions in a given template 3.1. The action buttons in the upper right are the normal “Save”, “Save and Exit”, and “Cancel” buttons that appear on many other pages in the interface
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Team-Maker_Functional_Specifications - Team-Maker...

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