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Revision Date: 2/2/00 ME 270 BASIC MECHANICS I Statics of Rigid Bodies (9 wks) Particle Dynamics (6 wks) Fundamentals (2 wks) 1. Newton’s Laws 2. Vector Algebra; Vector Components 3. Position, Unit and Force Vector 4. Dot Product 5. Cross Product 6. Moment of a Force about a Point 7. Moment of a Force about a Line Static Equilibrium (5 wks) 1. Equilibrium of a Particle 2. Support Reactions and Free Body Diagrams 3. Static Indeterminacy and Partial Constraints 4. 2-D and 3-D Static Equilibrium 5. Trusses - Method of Joints - Method of Sections 6. Frames and Machines 7. Dry Friction - Coulomb’s Laws - Systems with Friction - Sliding or Tipping - Wedges - Belt Friction Kinematics of a Particle (3 wks) 1. Straight Path-Constant Acceleration 2. Path Variables 3. Rectangular Cartesian Coord. 4. Cylindrical Coord. 5. Joint Kinematical Descriptions 6. Relative Motion - Cable-Pulley Systems Kinetics of a
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Unformatted text preview: Particle (3 wks) 1. Rectilinear Motion 2. Separation of Variables 3. Curvilinear Motion- Path Variables- Rectangular Cartesian Coord.- Cylindrical Coord. Equivalent Systems (2 wks) 1. Determination of the Resultant of Concurrent Forces 2. Equivalent Force/Couple Systems 3. Centroid and Center of Mass- By Composite Parts- By Integration 4. Surface Loadings- Line Loads- Pressure Distributions 5. Fluid Statics- Rectangular Surfaces Course Objectives 1. Develop an understanding of Static Equilibrium and Newton’s Laws of Motion and how to apply them to engineering systems. . (ME Prgm. Objs. 1a, 1b) 2. Learn a systematic approach to problem solving . (ME Prgm. Obj. 1b) 3. Foster effective mathematical and graphical communication skills . (ME Prgm. Obj. 2a) 4. Cultivate a strong work ethic in students. (ME Prgm. Obj. 3b)...
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