ME 270 Course Syllabus - Spring 2011

ME 270 Course Syllabus - Spring 2011 - ME 270 BASIC...

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ME 270 - BASIC MECHANICS Spring Semester 2011 This course brings together your past experiences in physics, mathematics and modeling, and builds upon them. It covers statics and an introduction to particle dynamics and is the foundation for later courses on dynamics, strength of materials, design and most other courses in mechanical engineering. Assignment Schedule The assignment schedule shows for each class meeting the topic material that will be covered and material to be studied before the class meeting. Also shown are the problems, which are to be worked for the next class meeting. It is your responsibility to read the assigned topic, as specified by the section in the textbook. The most effective use of the lecture period is made when students have come prepared and are unafraid of asking questions to clear up their difficulties. Homework In order to encourage the students to do homework, 15% of the final grade is reserved for the homework (and perhaps quizzes, see below). The homework will be collected each period. Your instructor will inform you of the policy to be followed in collecting homework. All problem solutions submitted, as homework must be on engineering paper and in a proper format. The solution format is attached. NOTE : For each lecture three or more problems have been assigned as the homework. This is the minimum that, we believe, is necessary to understand the material of the text. For a better comprehension of the subject, we encourage students to work out more varied problems. Quizzes
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ME 270 Course Syllabus - Spring 2011 - ME 270 BASIC...

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