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Lab report 2 Wenjun Zhang, Andrew Feder Conceptual Questions: 1. The scale reads the same when the book on the ground and in the elevator, that is the weight of the book and also, there is a normal force which has the same magnitude but opposite direction and leads the net force become zero. According to Newton’s second law, net force equals mass multiply acceleration. Because of the net force is zero, the acceleration is zero too. So the elavtor doesn’t have acceleration. So it is moving with a constant velocity upward or downward or it is at rest. 2. According Newton’s third law, when one object exerts a foce on a second objcet, the second object exerts a force of the same magnitude and opposite direction on the first object. So when the electric fan exerts a force into sail, the sail exert a same magnitude force but in opposite direction to the electric fan and they interact with each other and keep the net force been zero. So there is no movement in the sail. Lab Report:
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