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NAME: Section (circle): 1 (11:30am) 2 (12:30pm) Materials permitted: This exam is open notes, but closed book. Anything on paper is allowed. Calculators are al- lowed. HOWEVER, computers, phones, or any devices capable of wireless communications are not permitted. Please do not open the exam until I say you may. do not cheat on this exam (do not copy from or communicate with any. other person) if you have a question, remain in your seat and raise your hand; keep working on other problems until I can come to help you. circle your answers where appropriate. write your solution clearly and legibly so that I can follow it. cross out your mistakes; do not erase large quantities of work. use the back of a page if you run out of room and indicate this on the question page. move on if you get stuck. if the exam pages become detached, staple them back together when you hand it in. if you are ready to leave before the end of the exam period, bring your paper to the front of the room, leave quietly, and do not talk loudly in the hallway.
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