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Desire and Determination Bring Any Goal Within Reach Stat 350: Introduction to Statistics – Spring 2011 Division 11 (3:30-4:20pm) MW: REC 121, W: SC 231 Instructor : Dr. Walid Sharabati Office : HAAS 176 (mailbox: HAAS 164) Office Hours : Monday, Wednesday: 2:30pm-3:30pm Email : [email protected] Text nd /2005 Ed. Optional: Cody & Smith, Applied Statistics and SAS Programming Language, 5th Edition. Course Website: . This site will be used to provide you with information relevant to the course. Such information includes this page, announcements, lecture notes, SAS templates, homework assignments and solutions, reading assignments, dates of exams, review sheets, and changes to office hours. Please check this site regularly for updates. Blackboard Vista: A Vista site has been created for this course. Students enrolled in this course will automatically be given access to this site (“auto-populated”). The Vista site is limited to enrolled students and thus will be used to provide restricted information such as grades. Final Grade : Your final grade will depend on the following components with these proportions: Class participation 5% Labs 10% Homework 20% Exam 1 20% (Wednesday, February 16, 2011) Exam 2 20% (Wednesday, March 23, 2011) Final Exam 25% These proportions may be adjusted by up to 5% in either direction at the instructor's discretion, but will be the same for every student in the class. The percentage grades needed to achieve an A, B, C, or D will follow approximately the following scale: 90 – 100 for A, 80 – 89.9 for B, 70 – 79.9 for C, 60 – 69.9 for D, 0 – 59.9 for F. The minimum score needed for a given letter grade could be lowered if necessary but will not be raised. (I expect – but won’t guarantee – that the median grade in this class will be a B.) Mailing List: A mailing list will be arranged for this course. I will send (very occasionally) email to this list with any special announcements or reminders. Grader : All homework will be graded by a student grader, who will also help grade the exams. He or she will not hold office hours. Examinations : There will be two midterm examinations. The first will take place on Wednesday, February 16, 2011; the second will take place on Wednesday, March 23, 2011. The final examination will be held during the final exam week, and will cover the entire course, with the latter part of the course having particular emphasis. These will contribute the majority of your final grade. Each examination will have both mathematical and conceptual (written) components. There will be NO MAKE-UP EXAM unless there is an emergency in which case you are required to
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Syllabus Stat350 - Version Check web page for any updates...

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