Syllabus - Desire and Determination Bring any Goal Within...

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Desire and Determination Bring any Goal Within Reach STAT 511: Statistical Methods (Spring 2010) Instructor : Walid Sharabati, Ph.D. Email: [email protected] Division 1: Tuesday and Thursday 1:30pm-2:45pm in KNOY B033 Division 2: Tuesday and Thursday 3:00pm-4:15pm in KNOY B033 Office : HAAS 176 Office Hours : Monday 11:55pm-12:25pm, Tuesday 4:25pm-4:55pm, or by appointment. Course Website: Textbook : Jay L. Devore, Probability and Statistics for Engineering and the Sciences, 7th Ed., Required. Course Goals: 1) Choose and identify appropriate experimental and sampling designs. 2) Use statistical methods to analyze data. 3) Draw conclusions from these statistical analyses. 4) Write statistical reports using correct terminology, analyses, and graphs. Blackboard : Grades will be posted on Blackboard. Lectures: Lecture notes will usually be displayed on the computer projection screen during class. The computer- displayed notes will be made available to you on the course website. You can print them to facilitate taking notes in class. Grader : All homework assignments will be graded by a teaching assistant. Final Grade : Final course grades are determined by the following weights: Homework 15% Labs or Project 15% Class participation 5% Exam 1 20% Exam 2 20% Final Exam 25% Total 100% You should assume that the letter-grade cutoffs for this course are 90 – 100 for A, 89 – 89.9 for A–, 88 – 88.9 for B+, 80 – 87.9 for B, 79 – 79.9 for B–, 78 – 78.9 for C+, 70 – 77.9 for C, 60 – 69.9 for D, 0 – 59.9 for F. Software: After discussing various subjects I will usually show how to use MS Excel, SPSS, and online statistical software ( to do automatic computations. Using computer allows us to work with larger data sets than would be possible by hand, and also to experiment with the data and view the data graphically. However, I consider it important for a student to first solve typical examples by hand and calculator (to better understand the procedures), and only then perhaps use the computer. ITaP labs have Excel installed or you can get installation media for your computer from BoilerCopyMaker in Room 157 of the Purdue Memorial Union (PMU). Reading Assignments : There will be required reading for every week-the sections to be covered in the next lecture. It helps when you read about a topic before it is covered in class. This does not mean that I expect you to learn it on your
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Stat 511 2 own. Rather, your reading before the class should be a "first pass" at the subject. The first time through, I just want you to read through it quickly, in order to get a general idea of the material – the "big picture". Don't get bogged down in formulas or details; just try to get a rough idea of the material and get familiar with
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Syllabus - Desire and Determination Bring any Goal Within...

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