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Special Problems 13-15 - (J) SP15: Water, at inlet 1 to a...

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Special Problems for ME 200 - Spring 2011 Problems Due on February 18, 2011 SP13: A 0.016773-m 3 tank contains 1 kg of refrigerant-134a at 110°C. Determine the pressure of the refrigerant in kPa using (a) the ideal-gas equation, (b) the generalized compressibility chart, and (c) the refrigerant tables. SP14: A balloon is initially in a cold environment and contains 0.2 kg of air at a temperature of 5°C and a pressure 2 bar. The balloon is then brought into a warm environment and its temperature increases to 30°C. Throughout the warming process, the balloon air pressure and volume are linearly related such that P P V V 1 1 where P 1 and V 1 are the initial pressure and volume. Using this information, determine a) the final balloon pressure (bar) b) the work done by the air (J) c) the heat transfer to the balloon
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Unformatted text preview: (J) SP15: Water, at inlet 1 to a heat exchanger, enters the heat exchanger through a circular pipe at a temperature of 200°C, a pressure of 700 kPa and a mass flow rate of 40 kg/s. A second stream of water, at inlet 2, enters the heat exchanger through second circular pipe with a temperature of 40°C and a pressure of 700 kPa. The inlet 2 pipe has a cross sectional area of 25 cm 2 . The two streams are thoroughly mixed and leave the heat exchanger at exit 3 through a circular pipe with a volumetric flow rate of 0.06 m 3 /s, a pressure of 700 kPa, and as a saturated liquid. Find: (a) The volumetric flow rate at inlet 1, in m 3 /s, (b) The mass rate of flow at the exit 3, in kg/s, (c) The mass rate of flow at inlet 2, in kg/s and (d) The velocity in the pipe at inlet 2, in m/s....
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