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Special Problems for ME 200 - Spring 2011 Problems Due on April 1, 2011 SP27: Air is contained in a frictionless piston-cylinder device at an initial pressure of 110 kPa and an initial temperature of 607 o C. It undergoes a constant pressure process and rejects 490 kJ/kg heat to the surroundings, which is at a temperature of 0 o C. (a) Sketch the process on a T-s diagram with the initial, final and surrounding temperatures; (b) Find the change of entropy of the air for this process in kJ/kg-K;
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Unformatted text preview: (c) Is this process totally reversible? Why or why not? SP28: Calculate the total entropy generation (kJ/kg) associated with the process of SP27. SP29: Refrigerant-134a is flowing steadily through a throttle from 900 kPa and 34C to 200 kPa. Heat is lost from the refrigerant in the amount of 0.8 kJ/kg to the surroundings at 25C. Determine (a) the exit temperature of the refrigerant (C) and (b) the total entropy generation during this process (kJ/kg-K)....
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