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Homework1d.spring11 - ME 352 Machine Design I i Spring...

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M S H I ( h ( r ( n ( P l P P t t P t P n a ME 352 - M Spring Seme Homework N Important n (i) The hom handout as a (ii) Include right of the (iii) Use eng not be given (iv) Homewo Please note late homewo Problem 1. ( Problem 2. the rocker m to be 1.75. D Problem 3. ( that the strok Problem 4. not, then wh advantage of Machine Desi ester 2011 No. 1 (40 po notes for hom mework han a cover shee your name page. (The gineering pa n to work th ork must be that homew ork will not (10 points). (10 points). must swing th Determine a s (10 points). ke will be 50 (10 points). hat type of f this linkage ign I ints). Due at mework ass ndout must et to your so and lab se lab section aper for you hat is presen e submitted work will no be accepted Solve Probl The length hrough a tota suitable set o Determine 0 cm and the . Is the four four-bar lin e in the given F t the beginni signments (a t be used a olution. ction numb number tha ur solution. W nted in a ma d to your ins ot be graded d (or graded lems 1.1, 1.3 of the rocke al angle of 3 of link length a suitable se
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