Homework1e.sol.spring11 - M S H I ( h l ( n ( P l P P c 1 P...

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Unformatted text preview: M S H I ( h l ( n ( P l P P c 1 P t P n a ME 352 - M Spring Seme Homework N Important n (i) The hom handout as lab division (ii) Use engi not be given (iii) Homew Please note ate homewo Problem 1. ( Problem 2. ( cm and swin 1.75. Determ Problem 3. ( that the strok Problem 4. not, then wh advantage of achine Desi ester 2011 No. 1 (40 po notes for ho mework han a cover she on the hand ineering pap n to work th ork must be that homew ork will not 10 points). (10 points). ng through a ine a suitab (10 points). ke will be 50 (10 points). hat type of f this four-ba ign I ints). Due at mework ass ndout must eet to your s dout in the per for you hat is presen e submitted work will no be graded Solve Probl The rocker a total angle le set of link Determine 0 cms and the . Is the four four-bar lin ar linkage in F t the beginni signments (a be used a solution. Be spaces prov r solution. W nted in a ma d to your ins ot be graded and can not lems 1.1, 1.3 of a crank-r of 30 degre k lengths for a suitable se e time ratio -bar linkage nkage is it? n the given p Figure 1. A P Name of Lab Secti ing of lecture applicable t as a cover s e sure to inc vided at the Write your anner which structor prio d if these in t receive an 3, 1.5, and 1. rocker four-b ees. Also, th the remainin et of link len will be 1.8. e shown in F Determine osition. Planar Four- Student___ ion Number e on Wedne to all homew sheet to yo clude your top of the p solution cle h is difficult or to the be nstructions y credit. .7, on pages bar linkage i he time ratio ng three link ngths for a sl Figure 1 a c the transmi Bar Linkage ___________ r_________ sday, Januar works this s ur solution name and t page. early and ex to understa eginning of y are not foll 40-42 of the is required to o of the link ks of the fou lider-crank f crank-rocker ssion angle e. __________ ___________ ry 19th. semester): n. Please sta the number xplicitly. Cr and. your lecture owed. For e text book. o have a len age is requi ur-bar linkag four-bar link r four-bar lin and the me ______ ______ aple this r of your redit will e. example, gth of 15 red to be ge. kage such nkage? If echanical S P P w P m L a P ( ( ( N r Solution to H Problem 1. ( Problem 1.1 were possibl Problem 1.3 mm rocker. Locate both The max and max 3 = Problem 1.5 a ) b ) c ) Note that the redundant co Homework (10 points). 1. There are e. The lab T 3. A crank-ro Draw the li toggle positi ximum and m 3 98.1 = . Th 5. Find the m e Kutzbach onstraint. Th Set 1. no unique s As can prov ocker linkag nkage and f ions and rec minimum val he two toggl obility of ea 6 n = 8, n = 7, n = criterion fai he assumpti olutions to t vide feedbac ge has a 100 find the max ord the corre lues of the tr le positions a ach mechani 1 2 , 7, j j = = 1 2 10, j j = = 1 2 9, j j = = ils in this ca ion that the 2 this problem...
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Homework1e.sol.spring11 - M S H I ( h l ( n ( P l P P c 1 P...

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