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Homework2a.spring11 - ME 352 Machine Design I Spring...

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ME 352 - Machine Design I Name of Student____________________________ Spring Semester 2011 Lab Section Number_________________________ Homework No. 2. Parts (i) - (iv) are due at the beginning of lecture on Friday, January 28th. (20 points). Part (v) is due at the beginning of lab on Monday, January 31st, or Tuesday, February 1st. (20 points). Given a planar four-bar linkage (for typical notation of a four-bar linkage see Figure 2.15, page 62, and Figure 2.19, page 66, in the textbook) with the following link dimensions: Ground Link 1 14.0 inches Input Link 2 7.0 inches Coupler Link 3 10.0 inches Output Link 4 8.0 inches The fixed X and Y-axes are specified as horizontal and vertical, respectively, and the origin of this fixed Cartesian reference frame is coincident with the ground pivot of the input link 2. For the input angle D 60 2 = θ (counterclockwise from the X-axis): (i) Choose a suitable scale and accurately draw the four-bar linkage in the two possible configurations (i.e., the open and closed, or crossed-over, configurations). Measure the values of the joint variables 3 θ and 4 θ for each configuration. A similar problem of a sliding-block linkage is illustrated by Example
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