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ME 352 - Machine Design I Name of Student__ _________________________ Spring Semester 2011 Lab Section Number ________________________ Homework No. 5 (30 points). Due at the beginning of lecture on Monday, February 21st. Consider the sliding-block linkage shown in Example 2.5, Figure 2.24, page 77, and repeated here as Figure 1. The length of the ground link is 14 2 RO O9 i n c h e s = = and the length of link 2 is 22 A 4 . 5 i n c h e s . == The position solution for the input angle o 2 135 θ= can be obtained from trigonometry and the answers are 34 4 R O A 12.59 inches = = and . o 3 434 104.64 The angular velocity and the angular acceleration of the input link 2 are 2 5krad s ω=− / and 2 2 10 k rad s , α= / respectively. The length of link 4 is 4 OC 2 0 i n c h e s = and note that the origin of the XY reference frame is now chosen to be coincident with the ground pin O 2 , see Figure 1. Part A. Use the vector loop approach to determine the first-order kinematic coefficients and the
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