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ME 352 - Machine Design I Name of Student ______________________________ Spring Semester 2011 Lab Section Number ___________________________ Homework No. 7 (30 points). Due at the beginning of lecture on Friday, March 11th. Consider Problem 14.20 on page 679. Solve the dynamic force problem by the method of inspection, that is, solve one equation for one unknown variable, or in the worst case scenario solve two equations for two unknown variables. You must include clear free body diagrams of each moving link with the three scalar equations. Clearly identify all of the unknown variables in this problem. Note the following assumptions:
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Unformatted text preview: (i) the cranks 2 and 4 are balanced, that is, the centers of mass of links 2 and 4 are coincident with the ground pivots 2 O and 4 , O respectively; (ii) gravity is acting into the paper (that is, in the negative Z-direction); (iii) the effects of friction in the mechanism can be neglected; and (iv) the only torque acting on the mechanism is the driving (or input) torque on crank 2 at the crankshaft bearing (or ground pivot) 2 . O If you would like to check your answers for this homework assignment then you could write a computer program in Matlab which will use matrix inversion to determine the unknown variables....
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