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1 ME 352: Machine Design I Name of Student___________________________ Spring Semester 2011 Lab Section Number_______________________ Lab Project No. 1. Due at the beginning of lab on Wednesday, January 26th, or Thursday, January 27th. Part I. Read Chapter 1 of the text, Theory of Machines and Mechanisms, Fourth Edition, 2011, by Uicker, et al. Find five mechanical linkages, sketch their skeleton diagrams, and determine their mobility (that is, the degrees of freedom) using the Kutzbach criterion (see Section 1.6, pages 14-19). Include at least two mechanisms that contain more than four links, sliding joints and/or pin-in-slot joints. Part II. Design a four-bar linkage that will satisfy Grashof's law such that the input link will rotate continuously. Then graphically determine the advance-to-return ratio for your design (see Section 1.7, pages 19-34). Also, determine the mechanical advantage of your linkage when the input link is perpendicular to the ground link. Finally, determine the extreme values of the transmission angle (see Sections 1.9 and 1.10, pages 35-40). The solutions to Parts I and II must be presented in a neat and organized manner on engineering paper. List all your assumptions and constraints and document any personal insight gained while working on these problems. Part III. Use a graphical position synthesis technique to design a planar mechanism, or mechanisms, to operate a retractable stairway that is to be used to access an attic, see Figure 1. To provide access to the attic, the stairway must create a continuous staircase extending from the floor to the ceiling. The stairway is to consist of two identical sections that must be retractable in order to be stored in the allowable area above the ceiling panel, shown by the gray area in the
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project1d.spr2011 - ME 352: Machine Design I Spring...

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