project2b.spring11 - ME 352 Machine Design I Spring...

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M S L T A a O O l T P ( ME 352: Ma Spring Seme Lab Project Thursday, M Consider 3 BR 2 == at point C, 16 1 6 OR = 66 DR = = link 2, the w The input lin PART I. (1) Draw many unkn achine Desi ester 2011 No. 2. A f arch 3rd. the mecha 200 mm, 4 O B is 5 12 ρ= 100 mm, = 35 mm, = DE heel is rollin nk is driven b w the vector y vector loop own variabl gn I formal repo anism shown 4 B R1 5 .5 mm, AC and the an 66 E R2 8 ng without s by a motor w Fig loop(s) nec ps are requir es are there? rt is due at n in Figure 0mm, the r 33 C 2 5 ngle 2 O O ( 80mm, and lipping on th which is rota gure 1. A pla cessary for a red? List the ? Write the c 1 Name o Lab Sec t the beginn 1 where O radius of the 5 mm, the a O9 0 . = ° d the angle ( he rack at th ating with a c anar six-bar m a complete k knowns, the constraint eq of Student__ ction Numb ning of lab 24 1 O e wheel (link angle CA ( The dimen 6 ODE 90 = ( he point of co constant ang mechanism. kinematic a e unknowns, quations for a __________ ber________ on Wednes 200 mm, = k 5), pinned B3 0 , O nsions of th 0 . ° For all p ontact (deno gular velocity analysis of th , and any co any constrain ___________ __________ day, March 22 OA R = = to the coupl 12 1 1 = = he rack (lin positions of oted here as y 2 ω 18 k = he mechanis onstraints. Ho nts identified _______ ________ h 2nd, or 50 mm, ler link 3 50 mm, k 6) are the input point H). rad/s. sm. How ow many d.
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2 (2) Write the symbolic equations to solve the unknown variables using either closed-form equations or a numerical technique. Solve for the position variables and present your results in a tabular format. Show plots of these position variables against the input position
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project2b.spring11 - ME 352 Machine Design I Spring...

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