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hw3 - velocity of 165 ft/min(50 m/min feed of 0.010...

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ME363 HW3 Name Due: Sept. 23, 2010 1. An orthogonal metal cutting operation has been carried out. Dynamometer readings indicate that the cutting forces F c is 300 lbs (1334 N) and the feed force F t is 125 lbs (556 N). The rake angle of the cutter was 10 o and the feed was set to 0.015 inch (0.381 mm). A measurement of chip thickness indicates it is equal to 0.0343 inch (0.871 mm). Using this information and the force diagram, calculate the following quantities. Assume that the chip- tool contact length was 1 mm and width of chip is 1 mm. (Hint: uncut chip thickness in turning is equal to feed) (a) shear plane angle ( φ ) (b) shear force (F s ) (c) shear stress ( τ s ) 2. It is desired to determine the efficiency of a lathe. A cutting test was performed with
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Unformatted text preview: velocity of 165 ft/min (50 m/min), feed of 0.010 inch (0.254 mm), and depth of cut of 0.100 inch (2.54 mm). During the test, the dynamometer reading indicated 450 lbs (2000 N) in the cutting direction and 200 lbs (890 N) in the feed direction. The wattmeter reading for the main spindle motor was 2.68 HP (2 KW). (a) Determine the efficiency of this machine. (b) What is the specific horsepower of this material? 3. Textbook 21.45 An orthogonal cutting operation is being carried out under the following conditions: t =0.1 mm, t c =0.2 mm, width of cut = 5 mm, V c = 2 m/s, rake angle= 10 ° , F c =500 N and F t =200N. Calculate the percentage of the total energy that is dissipated in the shear plane....
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