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ME363 HW6 Fall 2010 Name Due: 11/30/2010 1. Rod stock is drawn through a die with an entrance angle of 12 ° . The material is known to strain harden according to 0.22 K σ ε = where K=45,000 psi. The original diameter of the wire is 0.50 in. and the final diameter is 0.35 in. The coefficient of friction at the work-die interface is 0.1. (a) Determine the drawing force required. (b) Determine the power to perform the operation if the exit velocity of the stock is 2 ft/sec. 2. A blanking die is to be designed to blank the part shown in Figure 1. The material is 5/32 in thick 302 strainless steel. Determine the force required to perform this blanking. Figure 1. Blanking part geometry. 3. A straight bead is being formed on a 2 mm thick aluminum sheet in a 20-mm diameter die as shown in Figure 2. Let Y=120 MPa and E=70 GPa.
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