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Lecture Ideasx - ME 455 Lecture Ideas Fall 2010 COURSE...

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ME 455 Lecture Ideas, Fall 2010 COURSE INTRODUCTION Course goal, design a vehicle (SAE Baja and Formula) Half lecture half project work Group and individual work, integrated Design - optimal solution subject to constraints VEHICLE DESIGN PROCESS OVERVIEW Problem Definition - WHAT Design tasks – needed to achieve the design Critical paths – what depends on what? Critical decisions – design freeze Schedule – Gant Chart – when tasks start, end – include purchase parts Conceptual Design – HOW, Level 1 Decision making approach Detail Design – HOW, Level 2 Design Implementation, testing, development CONSTRAINTS AND OPPORTUNITIES Overall constraints are Vehicle (Weight, space, cost) Enterprise (Space, time, money, people, administration…) Details of these 1. Selection design – ordering lead times What to select, what to make Selection drives the shape of what you make Lead times for selected components - availability Selections must be early in the process Selections freeze parts of the design Therefore, selections are critical 2. Manufacturing constraints What made here, what farmed out What are our shop capabilities What are YOUR capabilities – get training early Our shop schedule Outside shop schedules and lead times (see number 1 above) 3. Team skills Early designation of team resources Invest early in team mfg skills (later, you will find it always easier to do it yourself – not good) 4. University constraints
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Shop access hours Your stuff versus PU stuff – storage, access Test facility access Interfaces to police, neighbors, department, BOSO, ME Dept head Tours – Department public relations 5. Money constraints Spend time raising money versus doing the work yourself
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Lecture Ideasx - ME 455 Lecture Ideas Fall 2010 COURSE...

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