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Lab#5 Homework I. Follow the instructions in your laboratory manual for Lab#5 (Moon Voyage), develop the code for spacecraft orbiting around the Earth and answer to the following questions: From question 1 to 4, consider the craft starts out with zero velocity and the Earth is the only object exerting a force on the craft, 1) What do you expect the craft to do? Why? Use the momentum principle in your reasoning. 2) Does the craft do what you expected when you run the program? 3) Why does the craft fly off of the screen? We know the craft shouldn’t fly off of the screen, so something must be going wrong at some point in the code. Check the definition of the momentum principle on your book and think if any assumptions are violated when the craft is near the center of the Earth. 4) What were the ‘Fscale’ and ‘pscale’ factors in your program based on the calculation procedure explained in the lab manual? 5)
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