Lect01-Phys172s11-(1.1-1.5-Matter_and_Interactions) - 1...

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Unformatted text preview: 1 & & Lecture 1 : Matter & Interactions Read: Ch 1.1-1.5 To do AS SOON AS POSSIBLE : 1. Obtain the textbook (campus bookstores, used is OK). 2. Obtain the Lab Manual (from bookstore). 3. Obtain an iClicker audience response remote (not a CPS pad) (the same iClicker remote can be used for all courses). 4. Register for WebAssign , the on-line homework service (separate Access Code is required for every course). 5. Register your iClicker on CHIP , your on-line gradebook. 6. Click on the course URL for any late announcements, lecture notes etc: www.physics.purdue.edu/academic_programs/courses/phys172 (or poke around Physics home page, www.physics.purdue.edu ) 2 For those of you who brought iClicker today, lets do a test run: Turn the Power on. After the question is declared Open, choose one: A. My last physics class was in high school. B. My last physics class was in college. C. I have never taken a physics class. D. I have never heard of Physics. E. None of the above. NOTE: From now on, always bring your iClicker to lecture with you. The clicker questions count towards your grade. iClicker questions may be asked any time during lecture: dont be late!...
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Lect01-Phys172s11-(1.1-1.5-Matter_and_Interactions) - 1...

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