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Spring 2011 PHYS 172: Modern Mechanics Lecture 4 – Momentum principle application, reciprocity Read 2.3–2.8, 3.4 Reminders: 1. Please register your iClicker on CHIP a.s.a.p. We plan to transfer your iClicker scores to CHIP after lecture 4. 2. Homework due date extensions can be only requested before the official due date. You must download a respective extension request from from the course web site and submit it to room 144. 3. We do not use BlackBoard for that course. Please refer to the course web site accessible through the drop down course list on www.physics.purdue.edu site. Applying the Momentum Principle to a system: predicting motion 1. Choose a system and surroundings 2. Make a list of objects in surroundings that exert significant forces on system 3. Apply the Momentum Principle 4. Apply the position update formula if needed 5. Check for reasonableness (units, etc.) f i net p p F t = + Δ f i avg r r v t = + Δ &
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Example: a hockey puck A hockey puck with a mass of 0.16 kg is initially at rest. A player hits it applying force during Δ t = 4 ms. Where would be the puck 2 seconds after it loses contact with hockey stick? 1. Choose a system and surroundings: Solution : 400,400,0 N F = Clicker question #1: What will be the most convenient choice of the system? A) puck
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