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Spring 2011 PHYS 172: Modern Mechanics Lecture 9 – Sound, Buoyancy, Work & Energy Read 4.12-4.14, 6.1-6.3 EXAM 1 is tomorrow Time: 8:00-10:00 pm Wed Feb 9 Place: Elliott Hall Material: lectures 1-8, HW 1-8 (chapters 1-5 in the book, except 4.11-4.14) Problems: multiple choice, 14 questions (70 points) write-up part, hand graded (30 points) Equation sheet: provided with exam Practice exam + equation sheet: will be posted at the end of this week Note: no lecture on Feb 10 ! You must know your recitation section # and time for seating (seating will be assigned in email today) Speed of sound in solids s k m ω = Qualitatively: Larger ω , larger v Larger d , larger v Detailed derivation: v d = Speed of sound in a solid Solid Copper: v calculated = 3640 m/s v measured = 3600 m/s
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Buoyancy Microscopic view: Pressure Balloon: Air molecules constantly hit surface and bounce off, exerting forces on surface. Pressure: force per unit area:
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