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In the circuit shown, R 3 is greater than R 2 , and R 2 is greater than R 1 . is the electromotive force of the battery whose internal resistance is negligible. Which of the three resistors has the greatest current flowing through it? a) R 1 b) R 2 c) R 3 d) R 1 and R 2 are equal, and greater than R 3 e) They are all equal
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The plot of electric current as a function of time for an alternating current is a sinusoidal curve . The average value of an ordinary alternating current is zero. The power dissipated in a resistance is proportional to the square of the current. The effective current or rms current is obtained by squaring the current, averaging this value over time, and taking the square root of the result. The effective current I eff is 0.707 times the peak current I peak .
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