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1 Physics 242 (290D) PURDUE UNIVERSITY Spring 2011 Course Description: PHYS 242 (290D) is a one-credit course for students who are required by their department to take a short course in classical Thermodynamics. The course is a general introduction to physical principles underlying thermodynamics and is aimed at sophomore level science/engineering students with a calculus background. Lecturer: R. Reifenberger; Office: PHYS 80; Office hours: before lectures or by appointment. Course Web Page : You can find it at: Course Email: You are welcome to send emails with questions about the course to [email protected] Please do not send emails to my personal email address. It’s difficult to answer all emails that you send (often, some questions don’t make sense or don’t have a simple answer) but we’ll do our best. Be aware that we will make every effort to post your emails and our answers to them on the class web page for the benefit of the entire class. Text: Physics for scientists and engineers; Volume 1 6th edition by P.A. Tipler and G. Mosca (W.H. Freeman, New York). The textbook publisher maintains a web page of supplemental material see Lectures: 10:30 a.m.-11:20 a.m. every Wednesday in ARM 3115. Questions are encouraged before, during or after any lecture. Notecard questions are also encouraged. The purpose of the lectures is to allow a more detailed presentation of the principles and interconnections of the subject material covered in the textbook. Please turn off all cell phones and pagers before entering the class room. Assignments:
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This note was uploaded on 04/23/2011 for the course PHYS 242 taught by Professor Staff during the Spring '08 term at Purdue.

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first_day_290d_11 - Physics 242 (290D) PURDUE UNIVERSITY...

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