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Lecture18 - Lecture 18 Chapter 20 Capacitors Resistors and...

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1 Lecture 18 Chapter 20. Capacitors, Resistors and Batteries Announcement: See next slide about Exam 2. 3/20/11 2 Exam 2 Wednesday March 30th, 2011 from 8 PM - 10 PM in PHYS 114 *Covers all readings, lectures, homework from Chapters 17 through 19 *The exam will be multiple choice and is meant to be done within 75 minutes by a well-prepared student. We will give 120 minutes starting promptly at the listed time, so please be on time! Be sure to bring your student ID card , calculator, and pencil. Drift speed of ions in chemical battery: ( ) C NC eE F v ~ In usual circuit elements: E J σ = In a battery: Real Batteries: Internal Resistance I r emf V battery int = Δ Model of a real battery ideal battery Round trip (energy conservation): R int 0.25 R 100 10 1 0 Ideal 0.015 A 0.15 A 1.5 A infinite 1.5 V Real 0.01496 A 0.146 A 1.2 A 6 A Δ V R =RI 1.496 V 1.46 V 1.2 V 0 V Real Batteries: Internal Resistance
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2 What is the maximum current? I 1 I 2 For one: Two batteries: Two Batteries in Parallel What is the maximum current?
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