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1 PHYS 272H Spring 2011 EXAM-II There are two parts to the Exam: seven multiple-choice problems (70 points) and one comprehensive problem to be hand-graded (30 points). The Answer-Sheet is the last page (both multiple-choice and hand-graded). Tear off the last page to be turned in after you finish. Important: Enter your Name, PUID, Signature on the Answer-Sheet. Show your Purdue ID card to the Instructor when turning in the Answer-Sheet. Useful information Current and drift velocity: in A v I qnAv vu E Biot-Savart for single charge: 0 2 ˆ 4 qv r B r Capacitance: 0 / CKA s Conductivity and resistance: qnu /( ) R LA Ohm’s law: VI R Power: PIV Lorentz force: Fq Eq vB   Magnetic force on current segment: FI lB  Torque on magnetic dipole: B  Potential energy of magnetic dipole: UB 
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FORM A 2 Problem 1 [10 points] The following circuits are in steady state. The wire is made of a single material and has uniform cross-section throughout. Which is the correct pattern of electric field (indicated by the arrows) inside the wire? (A) (B) (C) (D) Problem 2 [10 points] Particle of charge + q travels in a straight line at constant velocity in a uniform electric field E (pointing downward) and a uniform magnetic field B (pointing out of the page). Which equation correctly describes the relative field strengths?
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Spring_2011_Exam_2_Form_A_with_Answer_Keys - FORM A PHYS...

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