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1 PHYS 272H Spring 2011 EXAM-I There are two parts to the Exam: Problems 1-7 are multiple-choice problems (70 points), and Problem 8 is a comprehensive problem to be hand-graded (30 points). The Answer-Sheet is the last page (both multiple-choice and hand-graded). Use both sides if needed. Tear off the last page to be turned in after you finish. Important: Enter your Name, PUID, Signature on the Answer-Sheet. Show your Purdue ID card to the Instructor when turning in the Answer-Sheet.
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FORM A 2 Problem 1 [10 points] A solid plastic ball has been rubbed all over with a piece of wool so that negative charge is uniformly spread over its surface. Which diagram best shows the polarization of molecules inside the ball? A B C Problem 2 [10 points] A small, very lightweight hollow aluminum ball is suspended from a cotton thread. The events depicted in frames 1-6 then occur, in sequence. All diagrams show cross-sectional views of the objects. 1. You touch the ball briefly with your fingers, then release it. 2. Holding only the thread, you bring the ball near a charged metal block. 3. The ball swings toward the block. 4. The ball briefly touches the block. 5. The ball swings away from the block. 6. The ball is repelled by a positively charged plastic pen.
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Spring_2011_Exam_1_Form_A_with_Answer_Keys - FORM A PHYS...

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