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1/14/11 1 PHYS 360 – Quantum Mechanics Professor S. Durbin [email protected] Lectures : MWF 1:30‐2:20, Rm 333 PHYS Bldg Text : Griffith’s “Introduc±on to Quantum Mechanics,” 2 nd edi±on Website : www.physics.purdue.edu/academic_programs/courses/phys360/ Office Hours : Friday 2:30‐3:30, or by appointment (or drop‐in) Topics : The ²rst ²ve chapters of the textbook will be covered, following the schedule below. This provides a thorough introduc±on to the founda±ons of quantum mechanics: wave func±ons, the ±me‐dependent Schrödinger equa±on, one‐ dimensional poten±als, the harmonic oscillator, Hilbert‐space formalism, 3‐ periodic table, etc. Entangled states will be noted, plus the sta±s±cal interpreta±on of quantum mechanics, and the conflicts between realist, orthodox, and agnos±c posi±ons with regard to the nature of physical “reality.” Grades : Homework 150 points (ten assignments)
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Lecture1.pptx - ProfessorS.Durbin [email protected]..

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