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Unformatted text preview: Name:__________________________________________ Date:__________________________ PHYS 360 Lecture Quiz You earn 1 point for answering the questions. Write in ink. If you use pencil, do not erase anything. If there are erasures, you get zero points. 1. Special Relativity was published by Einstein in 1905. Quantum Mechanics was developed in the early 1920’s. Part of Quantum Mechanics’s success came because it correctly incorporates the concepts of Special Relativity. True False 2. A particle’s position is measured at time t=0. A very short time later, its position is measured again. According to QM, a. The second measurement might be very different from the first. b. The uncertainty principle says the result of the second measurement cannot be predicted with any confidence. c. The second measurement will show that the particle is close to its original position. (Circle the true statements. There may be more than one.) 3. A particle is originally in a certain QM state. The particle’s position is measured to be x=x1 at time t=t1. The measurement forced it to be in this position. Before the measurement it did not even have a position. True False 4. Two particles are created by the spontaneous decay of some other particle. The two new particles speed off in opposite directions. The spin (angular momentum) of one particle is measured when the other one is far away. Can this affect the other, distant particle? Yes No 5. Can this effect travel faster than the speed of light? Yes No ...
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