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LQ7 - Name Date PHYS 360 Lecture Question#7 You earn 1...

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Unformatted text preview: Name:__________________________________________ Date:__________________________ PHYS 360 Lecture Question #7 You earn 1 point for answering the questions. Write in ink. If you use pencil, do not erase anything. If there are erasures, you get zero points. 1. If a particle is totally localized, its position is a delta function in space, δ(x). a. Its wave function will contain mostly a single component with a well‐ defined wavelength λ. b. Its wave function will have a reasonable range of wavelengths, needed to localize the particle. c. The wave function will have components covering all possible wavelengths. FYI, consider the Fourier Transform: 1 +∞ 1 +∞ 2π ikx − ikx fx= ∫−∞ F k e dk ⇔ F k = 2π ∫−∞ f x e dx, k = λ 2π () () () () ...
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