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LQ21 - Name Date PHYS 360 Lecture Question 21 You earn 1...

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Unformatted text preview: Name:__________________________________________ Date:__________________________ PHYS 360 Lecture Question 21 You earn 1 point for answering the questions. Write in ink. If you use pencil, do not erase anything. If there are erasures, you get zero points. In the 1970’s, physicists at high energy particle accelerators created a new particle called the J/ψ, which is made up of one charm quark and one anticharm quark. The energy required to produce it was about 3 × 10 9 eV, which is its rest mass energy, Eo. If the total input energy was larger or smaller than Eo by about ΔE=90 keV = 9 × 10 4 eV, the particle was not produced. What is the lifetime of the J/ψ particle? Just determine the order of magnitude. (Note: 6.6 × 10 −16 eV s.) ...
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