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Unformatted text preview: Name:__________________________________________ Date:__________________________ PHYS 360 Lecture Question #24 You earn 1 point for answering the questions. Write in ink. If you use pencil, do not erase anything. If there are erasures, you get zero points. This question assumes spherical coordinates. Consider the following function , which only depends on the distance from the origin, r: u( r ) = Ae− r + Ber Cr l +1 + Dr − l Assume that l is a positive integer. ( )( ) 1. You want to make sure that this function does not “blow up” as r goes to infinity. Which coefficient must you set equal to zero? A B C D 2. You also want to make sure it does not “blow up” as r goes to zero. Which coefficient must you set equal to zero? A B C D 3. Write down the resultant function. Is it well‐behaved, even if l=0? ...
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