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General Procedure for Writing Lewis Structures 1. Draw atoms (central atom + surrounding atoms) relative to each other. a. For AB n compounds, draw atom with lower group number in center (usually, this is the atom with the lower electronegativity). b. If atoms have same group number, draw atom with higher period number in center. c. H forms only one bond (i.e., never a central atom). 2. Sum the number of valence e - of all atoms (= total number of valence e - available). a. For anion, add one valence e - for each negative charge. b. For cation, subtract one valence e - for each positive charge.
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Draw single (covalent) bond from each surrounding atom to the central atom. 4. For each single bond drawn, subtract 2 e-from total number of valence e-available. 5. Distribute remaining valence e-in pairs so that each atom has 8 e-(2 e-for H). a. First, place unshared e-pairs on surrounding atoms . b. Place any remaining e-on central atom . 6. If central atom does not have 8 e-, change unshared e-pair from one of surrounding atoms into bonding pair to central atom to make multiple bond. 7. Check that each atom has 8 valence e-(2 e-for H)....
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