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Characteristics of Simple Cycloalkanes molecule shape C-C-C bond angles (109.5 o expected) strain energy, kcal/mol type(s) of strain cyclopropane planar 60 o 27.7 angle; torsional; 6 pairs eclipsing C-H interactions cyclobutane puckered 88 o (90 o if planar) 26.3 angle; torsional; planar form maximizes angle strain and number of eclipsing C-H interactions (8 pairs); puckering increases angle strain but reduces torsional strain more ; interconverts between two
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Unformatted text preview: equivalent puckered conformations cyclopentane envelope 105 o (108 o if planar) 6.5 angle; torsional; C-C-C bond angles in planar form nearly ideal but maximizes eclipsing C-H interactions (10 pairs); twisting to envelope shape increases angle strain but reduces torsional strain more; interconverts between five equivalent envelope conformations cyclohexane several several 0.0 (chair form) angle; torsional; extent depends on conformation...
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